Do you know why a glance should be enough to determine the range of products you sell?
Learn why reducing returns acts as a multiplier on your profits and why returns are killing your profits more than you think
With 90% of the world's population being right-handed, why is everyone placing the mobile menu in the top-left corner - the furthest away from the domi…
When doing A/B tests, optimizing for conversion rates makes intuitive sense. But did you know that optimizing for conversion rate can actually make you…
Learn how to use two of the most undervalued and underutilized Shopify reports
Increase your order value by 10% in less than 5 minutes by following 4 simple steps
It's easy and you can do it in only 7 clicks. Spoiler: You are probably doing it wrong.
Tracking the right metrics is the data-driven way to make your products better, attract more customers, and make more money.
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